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Global Plugin Dependencies

16.05.2014 10:45 David Kubitza Liferay, Anleitungen

Sometimes one have the requirement to load a certain plugin before another. It's a typical use case, which Liferay covers with the required-deployment-contexts setting in the "liferay-plugin-package.properties" file. But how to do it globally for all, even third party plugins? You will learn it here!

Cleaning Liferay's database from multiple companies

07.11.2014 11:29 Jan Roth Liferay, Anleitungen

This blog entry will show you how to remove multiple companies from a Liferay DB.

Liferay EE: fixpacks with ext-plugins and hooks

20.05.2014 10:52 Jan Roth Liferay, Anleitungen

Liferay fixpacks break your Hooks and Ext

Creating sites and users programmatically

15.07.2014 10:16 David Kubitza Liferay, Anleitungen

Creating sites, pages, users, etc. is a task which often appears. Sometimes this might be tricky but it's not that hard. In this blog entry you will learn how to do it in your Java code.

Deleting the last page of a site

06.05.2014 01:08 David Kubitza Liferay, Anleitungen

As for now Liferay does not allow to delete all pages of a site. For insance, the default Guest site has some public but no private pages.

Liferay 6.2 Webinar

16.05.2014 08:45 Kathrin Tensing Liferay, Produkte

Die wichtigsten Neuerungen, die die aktuelle Version des Enterprise Portal Marktführers Liferay mit sich bringt. Im Webinar von Consultant und Softwareentwickler der Ancud IT, Roland Kreiter, vorgestellt.

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