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Scalable Machine Learning Infrastructure

21.04.2017 09:16 Ulrich Zellbeck

In this blog post we describe our approach for a framework for scalable Machine Learning and provide it as a service.

Global Plugin Dependencies

16.05.2014 10:45 David Kubitza Liferay, Anleitungen

Sometimes one have the requirement to load a certain plugin before another. It's a typical use case, which Liferay covers with the required-deployment-contexts setting in the "liferay-plugin-package.properties" file. But how to do it globally for all, even third party plugins? You will learn it here!

Liferay EE: fixpacks with ext-plugins and hooks

20.05.2014 10:52 Jan Roth Liferay, Anleitungen

Liferay fixpacks break your Hooks and Ext

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